Four’s Lazy Peach Tarts

Making puff pastry by hand is for losers. No one has that kind of time any more.

Don’t judge these tarts because they’re easy – love them because they’re tasty.

These tarts come in handy if you’re ever in a pinch for a delicious treat that is fast, easy and cheap. Number Four shamelessly stole this recipe from a friend and has altered it to make it even more delicious (… and easy).

Number Four’s Lazy Peach Tarts

PeachTartsYou will need:
[This is very much an ad hoc recipe; quantities are guesstimates at best]
Packaged puff pastry sheet
3-4 Peaches (ripe but not too ripe)
4-5 tablespoons Apricot Jam

  1. Pre-heat your oven to 220 degrees celcius (or whatever it says on your pastry package)
  2. Roll out marzipan until it is 3.182 millimeters thick (… or basically just about as thin as you can get it without it going see-through or falling apart. Also, if you have discovered the art of rolling marzipan without it sticking to everything, please share your witchcraft immediately in the comments below.)
  3. Unroll your puff pastry sheet (or roll it out into a rectangle until it is a few millimeters thin. I’m not trying to rule your life by telling you to make a rectangle, but a circle was stupid.)
  4. Slice your peaches. You want thin slices – the best way to do that (I think) is to cut the peach in half, then quarters, and then slice those thinly.
  5. Use a knife to cut the puff pastry into sensible sections; score the pastry gently a few centimeters from the edges so that it has room to puff. Bear in mind while doing this that your peach slices must fit inside the inner bit.
  6. Cut sections of marzipan to fill the inner bit (don’t worry too much if they don’t fit precisely it will all melt anyways) and place on the pastry.
  7. Arrange the peach slices on top of the marzipan.
  8. Carefully transfer the pastries to a baking sheet covered in baking paper, leaving enough room in between for them to puff, and put in the oven.
  9. Put four tablespoons of apricot jam in a saucepan and cook over low heat until it goes all bubbly (but don’t cook too long because that will make you sad as the burnt stuff clings desperately to your saucepan for the rest of eternity.)
  10. Keep watch on the pastries (without opening the oven) until they are golden brown and puffy. Take them out of the oven and drizzle the melty, gooey apricot over the peaches – don’t be too generous or you won’t tase the peaches but don’t be stingy or there’s no point.
  11. Whack them back in the oven for three or four minutes (keep watch so the glaze doesn’t burn). Take the tarts out of the oven, let them cool, devour them unabashedly and without reserve, making embarrassing noises as you go.

One two three four – SCORE
[Numerical ratings are out of four, where four is best/healthiest/hardest.]
Taste: 3.75 (…because of grade inflation)
Difficulty: 2 (it’s easy, there’s just lots of steps. Do not be fazed by the steps.)
Healthiness: 2 … ish? Peaches are fruit. One of your five a day – check.
Calories: Uh. Many? To reduce calories, simply eat the peach.
Cost: Don’t be stingy – get good jam. Jam is paramount. Otherwise, pretty affordable.
Overall: 3.25 because they’re tasty, tasty tarts. *immature giggle*

Final note: for a variation on these, check out ifhipscouldlie’s delicious looking plum tarts

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