The Thing About Cocktails…

Cocktails Galore


Here I am with my beautiful girls, giggling, gossiping and drinking self made cocktails called: Best Cocktails to Drink on a Girls Night Out! Ok so I cant really remember the name or where I got the recipe from but they were fabulous! The recipe itself is a slight variation to a Cosmo but they are fruitier and quite mellow in taste, which is something I prefer to rather than a strong Mojito or a Caipirinha.

As previously posted all of us are in London for one reason or another, and we are always making sure we meet as often as possible in this big cosmopolitan city.  I (girl number 1) have been quite absent from the blog but now I am back!

The most prominent topic of the evening was of course about boys. When I first moved to London the subject boys was the last thing on my mind, as I was trying to find a job. The Boy in question was ambitious, successful and cute. Personality wise we had nothing in common. And I mean NOTHING. But we had great connection and bantered a lot. As you can you tell all these things were heavily discussed in our pre-drinking session. I would definitely attribute him the ‘Sexiest Date Ever’ award. The strangest thing was that he didn’t even do much to make it a sexy date. It was more the atmosphere that made the whole thing so irresistible. Let me set the scene for you.

One of our dates was at this place called 86, located on Fulham Road in Chelsea. It was a swanky and stylish place with a glass spiral staircase leading up to the bar. I can highly recommend the cocktails there because they were delicious and gorgeous! I arrived a few minutes earlier in my green summer dress and when I saw him I thought ‘Damn he looks good’. To other people he may be average looking, but to me he looked incredible that night. I had to tell myself I am not going home with him. I am not going home with him. I am…not… going…. home with him? Needless to say, the DJ was playing the right kind of music, we had a couple of those snazzy drinks and we were in full make out session mode. After awhile he goes ‘Back to mine?’ I nod slowly, he smiles and we take the cab home. When we arrived in front of his house I tell him all tipsy and fuzzy how I want flowers next time…so he then goes to the garden next door, picks out a flower and gives it to me. I playfully, or that was my perception of it, throw it back at his face. Suddenly he grabs me and kisses me intensely. It was as if the whole world stopped and I was smitten. And ladies, that’s the thing about cocktails, they are so yummy and sweet they send you right to a trip of tipsy fantasy world which can be so dangerous when it comes to boys that are just not right for you!

However these cocktails are seriously delectable and you should make them yourselves next time you have a ladies night out or in! What happened to that night and the boy? Well a Lady should not always kiss and tell everything….


Serves 1

You’ll need

London Cosmos

Cocktail Mixer
35ml vodka
15ml Cointreau (orange liqueur)
squeeze fresh lemon juice
25ml cranberry juice
25ml orange juice
Slice of lemon for garnish

1.  Mix all the alcohol and juice together in a cocktail mixer
2.  Pour the mixture in a sexy cocktail glass
3. Garnish with a slice of lemon
4. And DRINK!

One two three four – SCORE
[Numerical ratings are out of four, where four is best/healthiest/hardest.]
Taste: 3.8 -dangerously delicious
Difficulty: 1 -takes like 10 seconds to pour everything in the jug/glass!
Healthiness:  Do we really care at this point?
Cost: Well if you use Cointreau and good quality vodka it might be pricey but totally worth it!
Overall: 3.8


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