Nutella Cupcakes

In my last post I mentioned baking 72 cupcakes in an extremely hungover state, which is admittedly the second best cure to recover from intoxication. These cupcakes are truly a MUST for Nutella lovers. A Nutella filled center and Nutella based icing…. what more can a Nutella monster ask for?

A small bonus for all Nutella fans amongst you: check this out. It is even shaped like the jar!

Nutella Cupcakes


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Quarkcake with Red Currants

Firstly I’d like to apologize for our slacking in posting new recipes. The past month has been hectic with 3 of us not actually being in Switzerland, writing dissertations, sitting final exams, and – oh yes, enjoying the summer which finally arrived!

There is a river running right through the middle of our city which essentially turns into a public swimming pool as soon as summer hits the town. If you cross the bridge around 6pm, there will be little heads bobbing about in the water as far as you can see, with the famous “schwimm-fisch” (waterproof swimming bags shaped like fish) in tow, enjoying their after-work cool down. To complete the Rhine experience, one must then lay out and tan, have a beer and a legendary burger sold at one of the little bars set up along the river. So thats part of what we’ve been doing these past few weeks. You can hardly blame us for not keeping up with blogging in the face of such activities.

And now for today’s recipe: this is a simple delicious summer dessert which I  had once roughly 2 years ago at a friend’s place. I managed to sneak the recipe out of the kitchen, but since then I have always missed the red currant season … until now! I got sooo excited when I went shopping and saw red currants, I texted all other blog members immediately, and this is what happened.

Quarkcake with Red Currants


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How to Train Your Orange-Chocolate Skeptic

When 1 and 4 are away, 2 and 3 come out to bake. We have taken this opportunity to make something in the spirit of one of the most divine combination: chocolate and orange. A combination that divides audiences and friendships alike.  Without the two voices in the background going “but its so wrooooong” we have settled for a cake that we believe embodies this match made in heaven in all its’ glory. Well… kind of. We just liked the look of the recipe and knew that we could try it out without 1 and 4 moaning about it. 

We got a little over-excited with the decoration, and even attempted some chocolate work. While we found out this is not our calling, we’re generally pleased with the result and are hoping to convert some non-believers with this beastly yet subtle creation.

The recipe involves four layers of cake with orange syrup, almond cream, chocolate ganache and pâtisserie-quality decorations: challenge accepted!


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Macarons: How Not to Master the Art of French Cooking

Macarons are a gorgeous chocolate delight that proved an absolute nightmare to bake. They require dexterity, time, patience and some more patience. The book we got the recipe from (Ladurée) features pictures of the most sophisticated macarons this planet has ever seen, enough to make you feel bad about how sad yours look in comparison. We found ours had more personality than the uptight pretentious macarons from Ladurée (see pictures below as we attempt to pimp up our macarons with not-so-subtle photography tricks). And out of 30, only one was pure perfection. Unfortunately, tragedy struck when the dad one of our bloggers shamelessly ate it before we could snatch a picture of it, nearly starting WW3. Despite all misfortunes, we kind of enjoyed making these little devils… and more importantly, superficialities aside, found them wholly delicious!

Ladurée’s Macarons Chocolat


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Orgasme au chocolat-piquant

Alors! Apres vous faisons c’est orgasme au chocolat, nous etais sure que vous voulais couchez avec nous c’est soir. SACRE BLUE! Nous parlais un petit pois de français e nous somme très orgueilleux.

If you don’t speak French, all of that was absolute hilarity in impeccable grammar.

After careful research into the mystical world of fondants, Two developed this piece de resistence. It is, frankly, sexual. IMG_9366

Chocolate-Chilli-ORGASM aka Fondant

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Four’s Lazy Peach Tarts

Making puff pastry by hand is for losers. No one has that kind of time any more.

Don’t judge these tarts because they’re easy – love them because they’re tasty.

These tarts come in handy if you’re ever in a pinch for a delicious treat that is fast, easy and cheap. Number Four shamelessly stole this recipe from a friend and has altered it to make it even more delicious (… and easy).

Number Four’s Lazy Peach Tarts

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Cake or Death? Cake AND Death!

Today we’re celebrating the birthday of the instigator of our blog. We came across this recipe and thought it perfectly embodied the birthday girl: dark, sexy, fabulous and… not for the faint of heart.

We’re not kidding when we say beware of this cake. This is not an easy cake. But if you’re looking to showcase your baking skills – or you’re looking for a way to kill three hours and gain three stone – then this is the cake for you.

Happy Birthday, Cindy. We love you!

Hummingbird’s Brooklyn Blackout Cake


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