Quarkcake with Red Currants

Firstly I’d like to apologize for our slacking in posting new recipes. The past month has been hectic with 3 of us not actually being in Switzerland, writing dissertations, sitting final exams, and – oh yes, enjoying the summer which finally arrived!

There is a river running right through the middle of our city which essentially turns into a public swimming pool as soon as summer hits the town. If you cross the bridge around 6pm, there will be little heads bobbing about in the water as far as you can see, with the famous “schwimm-fisch” (waterproof swimming bags shaped like fish) in tow, enjoying their after-work cool down. To complete the Rhine experience, one must then lay out and tan, have a beer and a legendary burger sold at one of the little bars set up along the river. So thats part of what we’ve been doing these past few weeks. You can hardly blame us for not keeping up with blogging in the face of such activities.

And now for today’s recipe: this is a simple delicious summer dessert which I  had once roughly 2 years ago at a friend’s place. I managed to sneak the recipe out of the kitchen, but since then I have always missed the red currant season … until now! I got sooo excited when I went shopping and saw red currants, I texted all other blog members immediately, and this is what happened.

Quarkcake with Red Currants


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